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routersOffering a wide range of new Cisco network products along with a wide range of used routers, switches, servers from top brands with a lifetime warranty.

ComTech System Ltd are in a position to offer you not only the full current range of Cisco routers but also legacy and discontinued lines ensuring you can maintain you network by replacing each of your units only and when you need to, ensuring greater manageability.

Buy Cisco Routers Online

We know you are tired of shopping for used Cisco routers on the web and constantly being forced to request a quote from a merchant who won’t give you an upfront price. Almost all our new and used routers you see on our shop will have a solid price ready to be purchased.

Brand New Routers

All of ComTech System Ltd’s New Cisco products are EU Sourced, shipped with 12 month warranties and have Clean Serial Numbers which can be sent prior to shipping with checked confirmation.

Factory Refurbished Routers

ComTech System Ltd’s Refurbished Cisco product range is second to none. All products are EU Sourced, fully cleaned, tested, reboxed and ship with 12 month warranties.


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We hold a vast amount of New and Refurbished stock to ensure you can get the products you want, when you want them.

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